Affordable Megaixels For Mini Cameras

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Affordable Megaixels For Mini Cameras

Affordable Megaixels are a little more difficult to find than standard cameras. The reason is that unlike most digital cameras there are not many manufacturers producing this kind of digital camera. There are two cameras that fit this category, the Black Magic Camera and the Kodak EASYSHARE W820 Mini Digital Camera. If you want to find an affordable mega pixel camera, it will be worth your time to look at these two models. However there are many more cameras available that are slightly smaller, but the ability to take high resolution photos is not affected.

The Black Magic Camera is an affordable digital camera that can fit in your pocket. This camera has four mega-pixels. The camera uses a new technology called phase detection. The reason for the four mega-pixels is that this camera gives the best result when the subject is in focus, with all the areas being in focus. The camera also has a great recording capability and is easy to use. It has a twenty-six degree swivel head which makes it easy to use for portraits.

The Kodak EASYSHARE W820 Mini Digital Camera is another camera that is very similar to the Black Magic Camera. It has the same four mega-pixels, the twenty-six degree lenses and easy to use controls. The lens is also a smaller forty-two degree lens. However the EASYSHARE has the ability to fit into a shirt pocket, or in a purse, or even in a diaper bag!

There are other smaller cameras that have eight mega-pixels, thirty-six degree lenses. These cameras use a new technology called image stabilization. Some of these cameras have image stabilization, which means that the pictures taken with these cameras will not turn out too blurry even if the subject is moving. They use a four megapixel lens and have shutter speeds of seven hundred and ninety seconds. They also have one hundred and thirty degree shutter. These lenses are great for taking pictures while on the beach, hiking, or just relaxing.

Another one of the cameras with affordable mega pixels is the Nikon Coolpix Mini 4.5 Mega-pixels Digital Camera. This is a great camera for those who want to take pictures of kids, especially when the kids are in a playful mood. The one negative to this is that the lens is only sixteen inches long. It does make the camera easier to use for younger children. Other than that this is a very good affordable camera for anyone.

You should consider getting a camera with a lens that is smaller but has more functions than you need. The larger cameras have several features on them, and it can be confusing. Get a camera that has the functions you need. These are great mini cameras for all ages.