Affordable Scr888

What is Affordable Scr888 and how does it compare to prescription lenses? Scr888 is a brand of soft contact lenses made by Acuvue. The company claims that this new line of contacts are the most comfortable to wear. I decided to try out these Scr888 lenses for myself to find out.

I chose to try these lenses because I have extremely sensitive eyes. I have a difficult time wearing glasses or contacts. This was partially due to my profession as an environmental consultant. These lenses seemed like an excellent alternative to soft contacts. My overall experience with these lenses was extremely positive. Let me tell you what I learned about these contacts after I ordered them.

One of the biggest things I noticed about these lenses is that they are extremely comfortable to wear. I actually preferred them to the softer contacts I was using at the time. There was definitely a difference between the feel of the lens and the soft lenses. You can tell the difference in an instant just by the feel of it in your eye. I have worn both kinds for several weeks now and can honestly say that the comfort level has been extremely high.

The material used on the Scr888 is made from polycarbonate. This is a high quality plastic which is comfortable to wear. These contacts are also an alternative to hard contact lenses. For anyone who is considering buying hard contact lenses, you need to seriously consider spending a little extra money on the affordable ones. The polycarbonate material used on the Scr888 is the same material used on hard contact lenses, which is why you will be much more comfortable wearing them.

Another reason to try out these lenses is the level of care they require. All you have to do is replace the lens every six months. The other nice feature is that they require absolutely no maintenance. In fact, you can clean and disinfect them at home. All you have to do is throw away the old lens and put the new one in.

To round it all out, I would say the Affordable Scr888 really does live up to its claims. It is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a very comfortable and affordable option. In addition to this, I found that the lens was extremely easy to fit. It certainly did not take much time for me to get use to wearing them.